Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Embraces Socialism

Sarah Palin's personal slush fund "SarahPAC" posted a series of photos paying tribute to the National Park Service and the NPS rangers. As we all know, the National Park Service is a beneficiary of wealth redistribution -- tax revenue redistributed to benefit any and all Americans. It's socialism.

Here's a very interesting shot of the Palins listening to a government worker on government land describing the usage of Recovery Act money -- STIMULUS SHOCK HORROR! -- to repair sections of the government funded Jefferson Memorial grounds.

Click to enlarge.

I think we can assume that Palin supports the House Republican effort to cut the NPS budget by $50 million. But my question is this: does she support American socialism and is lying about her anti-wealth-redistribution position? Or does she hate American socialism and secretly hates what she's doing and promoting in the above photo montage?

It's more likely the former explanation. I believe most Republicans enjoy the benefits of American socialism, but pretend to hate it as a means of demagoguery. However, I don't know if Palin is smart enough to grasp such a twisted position. She probably doesn't understand her own contradictions and hypocrisy, and just blurts out whatever bubblegum-patriotic hooey floats into her walnut-brain.