Epic Fail

Say Anything

During a campaign stop earlier this week Mitt Romney said President Obama "spent too much time at Harvard."

“We have a president, who I think is is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps, or maybe just not enough time actually working in the real world.”

As I mentioned before, Mitt Romney actually spent more time at Harvard than the president did. An additional year.

And not only that, ThinkProgress dug up a video of Romney from 2008 touting his experience at Harvard

MITT ROMNEY: Harvard has a terrific program, they call it the joint degree program. … You can apply to the business school and the law school. You can get into both. You can take five years of educational training in four years.

ANN ROMNEY:He graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, that he went to at the same time. It takes also a great mental capacity to do that kind of thing.

Sadly there's video out there waiting to be found featuring Romney stating entirely different positions than nearly every position he holds today.