Election 2012

Say Anything

Furthering the notion that Mitt Romney's political strategy during this election season will be to "say anything," Romney spoke to supporters in South Carolina today and he said a few things that you won't even be able to read without laughing.

“Staples, Bright Horizons Children’s Centers, the Sports Authority, Steel Dynamics — those four alone added well over 100,000 jobs,” he explained. “And then the press has also reported on businesses that have lost employment, and that was a few thousand jobs that were lost.”

“I think anytime a job is lost, it’s a tragedy,” the candidate admitted. “For the family, for the individual that loses the job, it’s just devastating. And every time we invested in a business, it was to try to encourage that business to have ongoing life. The idea of making a short-term profit doesn’t really exist in business.”

The idea of making a short-term profit doesn’t really exist in business?

Lets back up though, to this:

those four alone added well over 100,000 jobs

Just yesterday, during his appearance on CBS's This Morning, Romney said that Bain created "tens of thousands of jobs," which was down considerably from his claim last week that Bain created 100,000 jobs. Today, we're back up to 100,000 again. A statistic which has been debunked by half a dozen organizations and publications.

Why can't Mitt Romney decide how many jobs he supposedly did or did not create?

As for the idea that short-term profit seeking doesn't really exist in business -- I can't even say that with a straight face. And the fact that Mitt Romney can say it with straight face tells you everything you need to know about him.