Scalia vs State of the Union

Posted by JM Ashby

Supreme Court Justice Scalia has a problem with the State of the Union address.

In remarks to the conservative Federalist Society on Thursday night, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia decried the "juvenile spectacle" that is now the State of the Union address, saying he believes it is inappropriate for justices to attend the annual tradition.

Comparing the gatherings to "cheerleading sessions," Scalia said, "I don't know at what point that happened, but it did happen, and now you go and sit there like bumps on a log while applause lines cause one half the Congress to leap up while [another] causes the other half to leap up. ... It is a juvenile spectacle. And I resent being called upon to the indignity."

....On Thursday, Scalia declined to explicitly advise his younger colleagues about going to the State of the Union address, acknowledging it's a lot easier to stay away "when the president giving the State of the Union is not the man who appointed you."

Justice Scalia says he doesn't know when the State of the Union address became a "juvenile spectacle."

You may have a case for labeling it as such if you pointed torward George Bush using the opportunity to say "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists" or Joe Wilson shouting "you lie," but somehow I doubt that is what Scalia is using as a frame of reference.

It is also easier, Scalia says, to forgo attending when the man giving the address is not the man who appointed you. In other words, he has no respect for President Obama.

The State of the Union address is a long held tradition, with the first State of the Union being delivered by George Washington on January 8, 1790. Why does Scalia hate America?