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Scarborough compares Iraq to WWII

Is Joe Scarborough really this naive and ill-informed? Towards the end of his "blog" today on MSNBC:

Circle January 30th our D-day, because our enemies know as Hitler did in 1944, that a U.S. victory on that date means the beginning of the end for the forces of evil.

Where to begin...

Our WWII European enemy. A well-defined military regime which invaded and conquered an entire continent and exterminated six million people, with its sights expressly set on the world.Our Iraq enemy. A vague, ill-defined, decentralized force which can melt into the citizenry at the drop of a hat, preventing our military from identifying them as friend or foe. Their only aim is to wreck havoc without remorse (or honor) on the next nearest human being, regardless of their affiliation. It's a guerrilla army which, as history has shown again and again, can exist in perpetuity. New, faceless, nameless members of this force are joining every day from all points of the Middle East region.The definition of victory in WWII Europe. Defeat the Nazi regime by destroying it's well-defined, uniformed military; conquering its capital; and capturing or killing its commanders and politicians.The definition of victory in Iraq. We don't know for sure. Scarborough, the GOP, and the Bush administration are wishfully thinking that elections will somehow scare the guerrilla enemy into submission. If the largest military force the world has ever known hasn't scared them, how could a ramshackled, facade of an election possibly deter their efforts? That is, if the election happens in the first place.Scarborough seems to think this war is a lot like World War II, and that an election on January 30, 2005 is tantamount to the D-Day Invasion and the fall of Berlin. Other than the fortitude, bravery, and blood of our soldiers, I can't think of anything else about this false, frivolous Iraq War that even closely resembles the last honorable war this nation and its allies fought.