Republican Party

Scarborough Dreams of Another 1994

Joe Scarborough laments the current and future debt and wishes for another group of leaders like 1994's Republicans.

The truth is that no recent Congress--other than those brought in by the Republican Revolution of 1994--dared to make the kind of tough spending cuts that lead America toward a balanced budget.

We need those kind of leaders again.

So we need to cut spending during a recovery from one of the deepest, longest recessions in American history. That's rich. Cutting spending now will only create another dip in the economy. Remember 1937, Joe?

As for Mr. Gingrich, the success of 1994 lead to ethics investigations, a ridiculous attempt at impeachment and Newt's departure from Congress in disgrace.

If this is the kind of Republicanism Joe wants, I'm not sure he realizes what he's wishing for.