“Scare Tactics”

Written by SK Ashby

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) somehow managed to say this with a straight face.

During his appearance on Fox News Sunday, Barrasso, a senator from the party of mushroom clouds, accused President Obama of using "scare tactics" to pass the Iran deal.

[Barrasso] expressed concerns about ballistic missiles Russia could sell to Iran that "could hit in the neighborhood, but also within striking distance of the United States.”

Barrasso accused the president of employing “scare tactics” to push through what he sees as a bad deal.

"They will get a nuclear weapon,” Barrasso warned. “They will be a nuclear power.”

That's the joke.

The only way this makes a lick of sense is if the prospect of peace frightens you. Only then would it be remotely coherent to accuse the president of using "scare tactics" for proclaiming that we can eliminate the threat for the next 15 years with a peace accord.

Peace is hell.