School Board Members Who Said AP History is Anti-American Recalled

Written by SK Ashby

It's been more than a year but you may recall the story of several Jefferson County, Colorado school board members who sought to revise Advanced Placement U.S. History curriculum at a time when the Republican party was obsessed with the idea that AP History is "anti-American."

AP History will make you "ready to go sign up for ISIS" Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said.

The school board was forced to abandoned their plans to white-wash our history after teachers and students staged protests, but the conservative members of the board who supported the idea were recalled from office yesterday.

By overwhelming margins, voters agreed to recall Ken Witt, Julie Williams and John Newkirk, who were elected into office in 2013 and made up the majority in the five-member board of the second-largest school district in the state. Voters were also picking their replacements Tuesday. [...]

Parents and educators formed a group called Jeffco United for Action and collected signatures to force the recall election. They cited the fracas over the curriculum and teacher pay.

Witt, Williams, and Newkirk were supported by the Koch Brother's Americans for Prosperity PAC but it wasn't enough.

Republicans have condemned Advanced Placement U.S. History because it covers slavery, the slaughter of Native Americans, Japanese internment and our use of nuclear weapons, among other things. They evidently believe we should censor our own history and provide the next generation with a false sense of moral superiority.