Epic Fail

Scott Brown is Pretty Sure No One Cares About Birth Control, Equal Pay


Today in Outreach, Scott Brown is focused on things that people care about: not birth control and not equal pay for women.

When Fox News host Gretchen Carlson asked Scott Brown to respond Senator Jeanne Shaheen who said Brown “doesn’t stand up for” women, he responded by saying Shaheen is correct. More or less.

“So Senator, how do you respond to her claims?” Carlson asked.

Well unfortunately, I’m talking about issues that people care about,” Brown fired back.

He went on to say he supports contraception and equal pay and that “women’s issues are very important,” but that he is “focusing on the things that people care about,” such as “border security, veterans issues, [and] where we stand when it comes to Obamacare.”

Scott Brown is focused on his call to confront the non-existent threat of ISIS on our southern border with Mexico, something the voters of New Hampshire are allegedly very concerned about.

Scott Brown is focused on ending Obamacare so the people of New Hampshire don’t have to surrender their libertyfreedumbs by logging on.

“Women’s issues” are very important, but not really, amirite?

The implication seems to be that national security, veterans affairs, and healthcare are not also women’s issues.