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Scott Brown Really Wants to Secure the Border Because ISIS, or Ebola, or Something

The last time Scott Brown spoke about national security, he accused his opponent Senator Jeanne Shaheen and President Obama of attacking ISIS in the wrong location.

According to Brown, they made a mistake by attacking ISIS in Iraq rather than securing our southern border with Mexico.

Radical Islamic terrorists are threatening to cause the collapse of our country. President Obama and Senator Shaheen seem confused about the nature of the threat.

Not me. I want to secure the border, keep out the people who would do us harm, and restore America’s leadership in the world.

Scott Brown now says we should secure the border not because of ISIS; we should secure it because of Ebola.

BROWN: “As far as the potential for an outbreak in the United States, we have the best health care facilities in the world and I know our health care professionals are extremely capable of handling these cases. But once again, this underscores the need to secure our borders. We have already seen people with Ebola arrive in the United States through normal channels and the type of havoc that can create. My concern is with our unprotected border where people with Ebola and other infectious diseases can enter the country without being challenged. Senator Shaheen has voted repeatedly against securing the border. I believe that puts us at risk as a nation.”

When Brown says we’ve already seen “people” arrive in the United States with Ebola, I assume he meant to say “person” because only one person has slipped through the cracks. The doctors who were infected with Ebola were brought here intentionally under close supervision for treatment. Only one civilian has been diagnosed with Ebola and unfortunately he died yesterday.

It’s also possible, and it appears increasingly likely, that Brown was referring to the idea that immigrants may be disease carriers.

If you’re a regular reader here, you’re probably aware that conservatives, including several sitting congressmen, have been pushing the idea that immigrants may be carrying Ebola since mid-Summer. More recently some have even gone as far as to say that President Obama intentionally allow immigrants into the country to infect the rest of us with Ebola. There is no limit to their batshittery.

Given that Brown’s call to confront ISIS on our southern border is based on a conspiracy theory, I see no reason not to assume his call to stop Ebola on the border is also based on conspiracy theories.

In either case, there is an inescapable racial overtone because while Brown is running for office in New Hampshire, a state that borders Canada, he is focusing all of his attention on our southern border with Mexico approximately two thousand miles away.

Would Brown campaign on the idea that Canadians infected with Ebola pose an imminent threat to national security?

Scott Brown has become a race-baiter in his desperation. Or maybe he always was. His campaign staffers did make whooping sounds and tomahawk chops during his campaign against Elizabeth Warren. His supporters also made racist caricatures of her and called her “Princess Little Big Liar.”