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Scott Pruitt Doesn’t Care About Your Environment, Unless You’re a Sycophant

Written by SK Ashby

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt believes his job is to enable damage to the environment, not prevent it, but there is an exception.

Pruitt evidently will take time out his luxury travel schedule and quickly clean up the environmental if you're a personal friend and fluffer.

Documents obtained by the Sierra Club show Pruitt personally flagged a superfund site in California for "immediate and intense action" after MSNBC host Hugh Hewitt appealed to him.

The previously unreported meeting, which was documented in emails released by EPA under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Sierra Club, showed Pruitt’s staff reacting quickly to the request last September by Hewitt, who has been one of Pruitt’s staunchest defenders amid a raft of ethics controversies around his expensive travel, security team spending and a cheap Washington condo rental from a lobbyist. [...]

Hewitt, a resident of Orange County whose son James works in EPA’s press office, emailed Pruitt in September to set up a meeting between the administrator and the law firm Larson O’Brien, which employs Hewitt and represents the Orange County Water District.

Approximately 10 weeks after Hewitt appealed to Pruitt, the Orange County North Basin superfund site was listed as eligible for long-term federal funding.

Like Pruitt, Hewitt is another anti-government type who does not believe in regulations or federal assistance. You know, unless it benefits them personally.

They're all frauds.