Lying Liars

Scott Pruitt Pulls 50,000 Jobs Out of His Ass

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Speaking of fake jobs programs, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator and industry lobbyist Scott Pruitt has a whopper for us.

Pruitt appeared on Meet the Press where he said the coal industry added "almost 50,000 jobs" after Trump's election and over 7,000 just last month, but that's nearly the total amount of coal jobs in the entire country.

According to the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are a TOTAL of 51,000 jobs in the coal mining industry. Four hundred jobs were created in the industry in May, or about 0.3% of the total non-farm jobs added during the month.

Pruitt was asked by Meet the Press host Chuck Todd if the Trump regime is misleading the country by claiming coal jobs are coming back.

Pruitt denied that they're lying with another lie. A huge, honking lie.

I don't refer to Pruitt as an "industry lobbyist" just to be cheeky. That is literally how he sees his jobs at EPA administrator and it's how he conducted himself as the attorney general of Oklahoma where he filed lawsuits against the Obama administration on behalf of the fossil fuel industry.

You know, if working class voters in middle America thought they were being lied to by both parties before Trump, just wait until it finally sets in that Trump also lied to them.

That's why they voted for Trump, isn't it? He's suppose to be an outsider who will "tell it like it is." The irony is Trump may be more of a stereotypical lying politician than we've ever seen before. He's redefining the genre.