Scott Walker Goes Full Nativist on Immigration

Written by SK Ashby

Wisconsin Governor Scott "Cool Thing" Walker warns us that immigrants, who may also be terrorists, are seeking to 'penetrate our borders.'

During an interview Breitbart Dot Com (this never turns out well), Walker said immigrants may be planning to engage in “terrorist-related activity.” And the solution, he tells us, is to secure our border in the model of Israel.

WALKER: "Many are not from Mexico or Central America or even South America. There are many from other places around the world including many places in the world where obviously there’s some concerns about terrorist-related activity and some of that. That’s what I pointed out: You look at what people are coming across the border, there are any number of reasons out there."

More so than the implication that immigrants are terrorists, I found Walker's comparison to Israel to be far more offensive and, frankly, just fucking sick.

WALKER: "I was just in Israel where they have something like 500 miles of fencing up and when they did that it dramatically lowered the number of terrorist-related attacks and they saw like a 90 percent reduction [in illegal immigration]. They’re a much, much, much smaller country than we are and we’re talking about a southern border that’s larger than that—but really only about four times larger than their entire country."

Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico are not targets of rocket fire (or any other form of "terrorist activity") from immigrants across the border but, unlike Palestinians, Mexican and Central American immigrants are not virtual prisoners in their own land overruled by an Apartheid regime. And as Walker himself points out, he's comparing thousands of miles of border territory to an area the size of New York City.

I, and I'm sure most other Americans, have no desire to transform our border into a demilitarized zone.

Beyond showcasing his tone deafness, cultural illiteracy and ignorance, I'd say this clearly demonstrates what a reckless, dangerous and fiscally irresponsible tool he is. As president Walker would be a disaster the likes of which could make us miss George W. Bush for the first time ever. Walker has all the idiocy but none of the empathy. He is the most useful of idiots.