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Scott Walker Will Launch a War on His First Day

Written by SK Ashby

On Sunday morning Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said he would jettison the Iran peace accord on his first day in office, but on Saturday he went much further.

Walker spoke at the Family Leader Summit in Iowa on Saturday where he floated the idea of going to war on his first day, drawing a sharp line between himself and Jeb Bush.

At a press conference after his appearance at the Family Leader Summit here Saturday, Walker was asked if he thinks Bush is wrong. “He may have his opinion. I believe that a president shouldn’t wait to act until they put a cabinet together or an extended period of time,” Walker said. “I believe they should be prepared to act on the very first day they take office. It’s very possible – God forbid, but it’s very possible – that the next president could be called to take aggressive actions, including military action, on the first day in office. And I don’t want a president who is not prepared to act on day one. So, as far as me, as far as my position, I’m going to be prepared to be president on day one.”

That's asinine, to be sure, but the context in which Walker made these comments is even worse.

Fellow presidential candidate Jeb Bush said he would begin the process of reviewing the Iran deal on his first day in office to determine what path to take forward. It would be prudent, according to Bush, to assemble a national security team before making any rash decision.

“At 12:01 on January, whatever it is, 19th [2017], I will not probably have a confirmed secretary of state; I will not have a confirmed national security team in place; I will not have consulted with our allies. I will not have had the intelligence briefings to have made a decision,” Bush said. “If you’re running for president, I think it’s important to be mature and thoughtful about this.”

To abandon the Iran deal would be an international disaster and embarrassment for America, but Jeb's coveted process for abandoning the deal is not good enough according to Team Walker. Walker is attacking Jeb Bush for not planning a war before even the first GOP primary debate.

Bush -- a Bush! -- may be a hawk, but he is not unhinged to a degree that would satisfy Walker.

Scott Walker is a dangerous idiot.