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SCOTUS: Straw Purchases of Guns Are Illegal


In a rare win for gun control advocates and people who aren’t insane, the Supreme Court ruled today that purchasing a gun for someone else is illegal even if the person who ultimately receives the weapon can legally obtain it

From the Associated Press

The justices ruled 5-4 that the law applied to a Virginia man who bought a gun with the intention of transferring it to a relative in Pennsylvania who was not prohibited from owning firearms. [...]

Writing for the majority, Justice Elena Kagan said the federal government’s elaborate system of background checks and record-keeping requirements help law enforcement investigate crimes by tracing guns to their buyers. Those provisions would mean little, she said, if a would-be gun buyer could evade them by simply getting another person to buy the gun and fill out the paperwork.

Now that it’s been established that straw purchasing is illegal, totalitarianism must be within earshot.