Super Stupid


Congressional candidate and Montana state Senator Matt Rosendale (R) really hates drones, but not as much as he hates speed limits.

Not even 60 seconds into an interview on Tea Party Express’ podcast Monday, Rosendale began bemoaning Montana’s 75 mile per hour speed limit and fondly wishing for the days when the Big Sky state had no speed limit at all. He went on to say the matter illustrates his belief that the federal government has too much power. “It’s a classic example of federal overreach,” Rosendale said.

It’s not clear if Rosendale understands that states can set their own speed limits. Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Limit in 1995, meaning the federal government is no longer ‘overreaching’ onto your highway. A highway the federal government probably built, by the way. Was building the interstate highway system an overreach?

Furthermore, Rosendale should feel fortunate as a resident of Montana. 75 miles per hour is an above average speed limit and its 20 miles per hour faster than the slowest rural highway speed limit of 55 found in Hawaii.

(ht Shawn Sukumar Attorney at Law)