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Sen. Rand Paul’s Sick Sense Of Humor

Wingnuts were on parade for their annual convention in Fort Worth, Texas this past Friday (where the scooters and on-sight repairs were provided for a fee) and, while Senator Ted Cruz could have walked with the unofficial award for Most Fanatical, Jingoistic, Religious Nut-bag Rhetoric Ever Uttered By Any Sane Standard as he opened up his speech by suggesting that America’s fight against the Nazis is like Right wing America’s fight against the Obama administration, I think Sen. Rand Paul may have overcome the odds to take the prize:

In Rand Paul’s sicko-fantasy-America, the country’s top Democrats would be the target of drone strikes while being held hostage by the Taliban in a deal he seems to consider square.

Why? Because freedom and democracy are only safe in the hands of the people who truly despise them the most, obviously.

The Vag’-probe party of anti-science clowns, racists, and gay-bashing psychopaths whose collective pulse never indicates any emotion as they ignore the cries for help and the struggling in trying to drown government in a bathtub– believe they are the champions of freedom. They seem to think they’re better than the Taliban and the Nazis. Adorable.

Rand Paul’s stand-up bit is being described by some as “a joke,” but I ain’t laughing. These people scare the shit out of me. Their “happy” looks like sadism’s mugshot.