Senate Advances Highway Amendments, House Prepares to Leave Town

Written by SK Ashby

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell followed through on his threat to hold session over the weekend and yesterday an amendment to the highway funding bill which would reauthorize the Export-Import Bank was successfully advanced.

Over objections from conservatives, the Senate voted 67-26 to end debate on a measure to add language reauthorizing the bank’s charter to federal highway spending legislation. [...]

All of the 26 "no" votes came from the GOP, while 24 Republicans voted to move forward with reauthorizing the bank.

No Democrats voted against the bank.

It appears to me Senate Republican "leadership" does not actually want to pass a long-term funding bill because the Senate has taken every step possible to ensure the Senate version of the bill cannot pass the House.

House Republicans have already made it clear they will not vote in favor of either the Export-Import Bank or the funding mechanisms contained in the Senate highway bill.

As of this writing, the House is scheduled to recess for the Summer on Thursday of this week and the Senate has not actually voted to pass their version of the bill yet.

When Congress returns from recess in September, it will have only 10 days of legislative session to avert a government shutdown.