Senate GOP Want to Deport All DREAMers, Block Non-Existent “Amnesty”


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has committed to bringing up the House Republicans’ terrible, no good, bad border bill which they voted on before the August recess.

In his own words, Sessions says they must vote on the bill to block “executive amnesty.”

“This is the time. It’s either stopped now, or it may never be stopped,” Sessions said, calling the idea “executive amnesty.” “And we need to vote on it, and people need to be held accountable. And every American needs to know where their senator stands on the president’s unlawful assumption of power.”

“Executive amnesty” sounds sexy, but don’t be fooled. Amnesty, as the Republicans refer to it, is not something the president is actually considering.

The White House is reportedly considering measures such as greatly expanding work visa programs and deferred action, but neither of these things qualify as amnesty in the legal sense.

In the minds of Republicans they do qualify as amnesty, but so would any other measure the president is considering. Regardless of what he does, they’ll call it “amnesty” even if it isn’t amnesty.

Don’t forget that the bill Sessions is bringing up for a vote is the bill passed by House Republicans which would end deferred action and deport all DREAMers. The bill also included far less funding than the White House requested to deal with the so-called “border crisis.” The White House requested over $3 billion in funding to deal with the situation, but House Republicans passed a bill including less than $1 billion.

Remember the border crisis? We haven’t heard about that in a while, have we?

The new hotness on the right is the idea that ISIS is coming across the border. Diabolical children who are supposedly Ebola-carrying rapists are so last month.