Senate Holds Late Session to Advance Bill That Will Never Become Law

Written by SK Ashby

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held session late into the night last night in an effort to pass an amendment that will never become law to a bill that will never become law.

After finally succeeding in adding the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank to the highway funding bill, Senator James Inhofe made the case for the Senate's long-term bill which the House will not be voting on.

“It doesn’t have to go to conference, they could take up the bill and pass it. They’ve got it in their hands, they’ve read it. They’re familiar with it. I bet their minds are made up as to which ones are going to vote for it,” Inhofe said. “I’m not sure if they’ve ever whipped it, so I’m not sure what the numbers are.”

Or which ones are not going to vote for it, as is the case.

The House is scheduled to recess on Thursday night, but final passage of the Senate highway bill is not expected until Thursday afternoon. Highway funding will expire on Friday night unless the Senate stops pretending that their long-term bill can reach the president's desk.