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Dem letter to our Propagandist-in-Chief

This morning, I listed a series of questions we should be asking Mr. Bush and the White House regarding the illegal propaganda network they're developing with tax-payer funds. Fortunately, Senate Democrats Frank Lautenberg, Ted Kennedy, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid have stepped up to quiz the Propagandist-in-Chief. Download the full letter here (pdf).

In addition to recovering these funds, we would urge you to disclose if any other journalists have been paid by your Administration to skew their media reports in favor of your initiatives, proposals or political messages...

In addition to the illegality of these actions taken by your Administration, we believe that the act of bribing journalists to bias their news in favor of government policies undermines the integrity of our democracy. Actions like this were common in the Soviet Union, but until now, thought to be long extinguished in our country.

The target here has to be the White House. The media spent the day grilling Williams -- excellent publicity for him, but it gets us nowhere.

When does the Bush promise to "restore character and integrity to the Oval Office" actually kick in? At this point, so much damage has been done, I'm actually hoping he keeps up this crap. He was only re-elected two months ago, and, since then, we're on -- what -- scandal number 12? I lost count somewhere around Kerik and "You go to war with the Army you have". Seriously, at this rate, by inauguration day, he'll be running across a tobacco field ankle-shackled to George Clooney and John Turturro.

Actually, no. That's too dignified for what he deserves.