Senator Cornyn Investigates the Coming Military Takeover

Written by SK Ashby

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) reportedly requested a private briefing from the Department of Defense on the military's plan to usurp total control of Texas conduct a training exercise in the American southwest.

Cornyn told reporters Wednesday he asked the Pentagon for a briefing on Operation Jade Helm 15, a multi-state military training exercise. He called it “nothing more and nothing less than a typical training event,” and is convinced Texans have nothing to worry about. [...]

A Cornyn aide said the briefing took place last week in the senator’s Capitol office, but didn’t reveal who else was there or the name of the general.

The problem here is that it should not have taken a private briefing in his office to convince the senator that the military is not plotting a coup.

It would actually be less embarrassing, and more plausible, if certain senators were investigating the existence of UFOs rather than a military takeover plot that involves digging tunnels under local Wal-Marts.

Come to think of it; how can we be sure that Senator Cornyn was not replaced by a pod-person or one of the lizard people during his private briefing? The senator's aide won't say who else attended the briefing so we don't know if there are any witnesses.