Senator Inhofe is Clueless and Worthless

A senator from a midwestern state in “tornado alley” can’t explain why the latest tornado happened.

“So many things happen that are so hard to explain,” he told the CNN host. “This thing was huge. This is one of the largest ones that we’ve had.”

“What you’re looking at now in Moore, Oklahoma is what you could have seen had you been there in 1999 or in some parts of of Shawnee. Devastation is devastation. And it’s just that this is so much worse. Because you’re talking about a two mile by 20 mile area. That’s very unusual.”

Any senator representing a state in that zone ought to be able to recite the science down to the precise barometric pressure required for a funnel to begin forming. But Inhofe, who thinks science is a hoax, can’t. And they’ll just keep re-electing him anyway.