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Senator Leahy Thinks NSA Reform is More Important Than the Next AG

It was reported last week that Senate Democrats are unwilling to confirm attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch during the lame duck and that that is one reason why the White House may not pressure the Senate into confirming her before Republicans take over.

The Hill has a little more detail on why and apparently the chairman of the Judiciary Committee has other priorities.

In addition to that legislative to-do list, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is insisting on passing an overhaul of the National Security Agency (NSA) before the clock runs out on the Democratic majority. Leahy’s committee is tasked with vetting Lynch’s nomination.

Leahy says he wants to do the NSA reform bill before doing anything else in committee so it bottles that up,” the Democratic aide said. “Lynch is a very qualified nominee and should be confirmed no matter who is in charge.”

This is an embarrassment at best and malfeasance at worst.

No one who actually votes gives a single fuck about NSA reform. Confirmation of the next attorney general is infinitely more important and should be a higher priority.

I can’t blame the president for not demanding a confirmation right now if this is what he’s contending with.

NSA reform? What a joke.