Democratic Party

Senator Clinton Wins Nothing

Senator Clinton campaigned in Florida but told Keith Olbermann that she complied with the Democratic pledge to stay out. She's run a very dishonest campaign so far, parsing words and sending out her ex-president husband to act as an unofficial running mate -- speaking in coded race-baiting soundbytes.

Now she's claiming "victory" in Florida in a desperate ploy to regain some momentum after losing in a landslide in South Carolina. AND, because she's desperate, she's planning to actively lobby the party to get the delegates from Florida and Michigan seated at the convention, should it come down to it. Let's be honest, if there was an "R-NY" after her name, we would destroy her dishonest tactics (say nothing of, say, a Republican ex-president running as a de facto running mate).

So... Senator Clinton people, please tell me why we should support this kind of murky campaigning and cynical politics over the positive message of the Obama campaign.

Seriously. If it's cool to break the rules then claim victory in an uncontested competition, the Giants ought to just show up at U of P Stadium on Saturday and celebrate their victory. It'll be way easier, but equally cheap and pathetic.