Democratic Party

Senator Clinton And Staying In

I don't particularly care whether Senator Clinton stays in the race or bows out on a high note. The high note thing would be the classy move, but after a week of tasteless attacks, I don't think she's capable of such a move.

However, if she stays in this thing as a de facto Huckabee spoiler, she needs to keep her fear mongering and negative attacks holstered. She will not win with pledged delegates. This is impossible. Let me repeat, she will not defeat Senator Obama on pledged delegates.

Plus, more superdelegates are apparently ready to endorse Senator Obama. For her own dignity's sake, continuing to campaign with a Mark Penn kitchen sink "Hussein" strategy will only force more superdelegates to Senator Obama's more dignified ranks, AND it will further help Senator McCain.

Dignity, Senator Clinton. You are a top shelf party leader. Act like it.