Foreign Policy Lying Liars

Serial Liar Scott Walker Will Stop Talking Lest He Lie Again

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who recently claimed British Prime Minister David Cameron secretly confided in him that he's disappointed with American leadership, said on a conference call yesterday that he's not going to talk about that kind of thing anymore.

While keeping his mouth shut is probably a good idea for Walker given that he has a habit of saying completely stupid shit, he may have just dug himself an even deeper hole.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"I'm just not going to comment on individual meetings I had with leaders like that, be it there or anywhere else," the White House hopeful told reporters when asked about Cameron's response. [...]

"What I learned best from that is I should leave discussions like that that aren't done in front of the media to be treated privately, whether it was there or anywhere else," Walker said in a conference call from Canada, where he wrapped up a state trade mission.

I've read this several times and each time I do it appears to me that Walker is accusing Prime Minister David Cameron of refusing to tell the truth about their private conversation.

I can ask the same question today that I asked earlier this week: is it more likely that serial liar and infamous buffoon Scott Walker is lying, or is it more likely that the prime minister is lying?

In either case, Scott Walker is running for president while clearly misrepresenting or misusing the views of some of our closet allies in the world for personal political gain.

I can vividly imagine David Cameron speaking off the cuff among his staff and referring to Scott Walker as an idiot.

Someone who must censor themselves in this manner, categorically rejecting discussion of his meetings with world leaders, is not even fit to be a state governor.