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Serious Art Lovers

The serious art lovers over at The Washington Free Beacon have addressed the illegal hacking of emails that led to the discovery of George W. Bush’s paintings, and in web post titled, “World’s Greatest Living President Is Also A Fantastic Painter” they take the time to critique the 43rd president’s stroke, and amorously praise the attention to detail the former president pays to his subject– himself:

The paintings demonstrate a command of line and color that is rarely seen in the modern-day “art” world. Former President George W. Bush appears to be influenced by such painters as Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet. The portraits also clearly capture the personality of their subject.

That’s how you sell it!

They pretty much use that line for Republican outreach and public relations damage control, as well.

Vote-suppressing racists who are systematically using the law to force women to carry their rapist’s baby? Or, a command of line and color?

Politics, like art, is all subjective to Wingnuts.

(Via Wonkette)