Stupid Party

Serious Business

Written by SK Ashby

When Texas Republicans aren't busy seeking to criminalize transgender bathroom use, they're tackling another phantom threat that doesn't threaten to destroy us all.

Republican lawmakers in the Lone Star state have introduced a pair of bills aimed at blocking UN Agenda 21.

The identical bills proposed last week by state Rep. Molly White of Belton and state Sen. Bob Hall of Edgewood would choke off state and municipal funding — including money from public universities — to organizations “accredited by the United Nations to implement a policy that originated in the Agenda 21 plan.” [...]

Asked about the companion proposal he filed in the Senate, Hall said he was targeting “city organizations and cities that are adapting the U.N. programs.”

Agenda 21 may sound like a scheme uncovered by Agents Mulder and Scully when you say it, but it's merely a set of a non-binding guidelines and recommendations for sustainable economic and societal growth. You know, the stuff of liberal heathens.

The Texas Tribune reportedly asked Bob Hall's office if his legislation would block cities and universities from giving grants to non-profit organizations that 'protect freshwater resources,' as outlined in Agenda 21, and Hall's office had no comment.

Molly White and Bob Hall may have no idea what Agenda 21 really is, and they may have no idea what the full implications of their legislation could be, but at least someone is trying to protect the people of Texas from the marauding Blue Helmets who threaten to give you clean water.