Serious Effort

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Stuart Carlson)

In other news, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell came out in opposition to creating a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack on the capitol. So that's dead.

Meanwhile, some Fed officials are considering raising interest rates much sooner than expected because a quick economic recovery is driving inflation.

Finally, sources who spoke to the Daily Beast say Trump is ignoring Rudy's pleas for help.

In the weeks since the feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and office in late April, close allies have tried to ferry a slew of emergency requests to former President Donald Trump and his advisers.

But according to three people familiar with the matter, Trump, as well as several of his legal advisers and longtime confidants, have been hesitant about swooping in to help the embattled Giuliani, who for years worked as Trump’s personal lawyer, a political adviser, and attack dog.

I don't see what Trump could actually do to help Rudy, but everyone who works with Trump is eventually humiliated.

This has been a very slow week.