Republican Party

Setting the Table for Second Term Impeachment

Mitch McConnell -- albino sleestak and the most powerful Republican in the Senate -- accused the president of, basically, Watergate. Not the actual Watergate, but a high crime that's almost exactly the same.

[T]he Senate's top Republican also accused the [Obama] administration of improperly using government agencies to exert political pressure.

"What they're trying to do is intimidate donors to outside groups that are critical of the administration, McConnell said. "The campaign has rifled through donors' divorce records. They've got the IRS, the SEC and other agencies going after contributors trying to frighten people and intimidate them out of exercising their rights to participate in the American political discourse."

Again, he's in charge of the Senate Republicans -- not some fringy right-wing talk radio goon. I think they're getting ready for a potential impeachment process if the president wins in November and the Republicans take the Senate.