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Settled Science


Artist — Nate Beeler

According to a recent Gallup poll, Republicans and the Tea Party have some hilarity in store for the state of democracy this year.

Sen. Marco Rubio reiterated to ABC’s Jonathan Karl today that he’s still a “no” on science.

Which is just fine with Sen. Rand Paul who, just last month, addressed the issue like the mature statesman that terrible people think he is, telling the crowd in that whiny, two-faced, imbecile-vernacular during an appearance at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, “Someone is an ignoramous who would say, ‘Oh we had three hurricanes this year, this proves that somehow the climate is warming.’ The earth’s 4.5 billion years old and you’re going to say we had four hurricanes and that proves a theory?” Both men consider themselves presidential material. Both men are Tea Party leaders.

And remember that time First Lady Michelle Obama attempted to raise awareness for 300 kidnapped girls in Nigeria, George Will would rather Americans remain unaware and for her to sit down and shut up about it. This follows the trend of conservative media and talking heads because nothing says ‘empathy and unity’ like bitter, hate-filled derangement.

I don’t doubt they kiss their mothers with those mouths.