Shocker: Tea Party Governor Sucks Bigtime

Florida governor Rick Scott is very, very, very unpopular.

Most of the Class of 2010 tea party nutbags are tanking in the polls. But none are as unpopular as Rick Scott.

Rick Scott has hit a new low in PPP's Florida polling with only 26% of voters now approving of his job performance to 58% who disapprove. His previous worst numbers had come in June when he had a 33% approval rating with 59% unhappy with his performance. Scott's numbers with Democrats are pretty much unchanged compared to then and his standing with independents has gotten a little better. What's really caused the bottom to drop out for him is that even Republicans are starting to really sour on his leadership. In June Scott had a 63/30 approval spread with them. That's now dropped all the way down to 46/31.

Scott is the most unpopular Governor in the country in PPP's polling.

Chris Christie is upside-down, too, with an approval/disapproval of 43/53 percent. Ohio's John Kasich is at 33/57. Rick Snyder of Michigan is at 38/50. Shockingly, Scott Walker is faring slightly better at 47/51.