Abortion Open Thread

Sigh of Relief

Written by SK Ashby

Cartoonist - John Darkow

In other news, Montana state Representative David Moore (R) has introduced a bill in the state legislature to "strengthen the state’s indecent exposure law" by banning yoga pants and other form-fitting attire that "gives the appearance or simulates" the buttocks or genitals.

Should women be afraid to go jogging in the Montana no-go zone?

Meanwhile, Fetus Lawyers may be coming to Texas if state Representative Matt Krause (R) has his way.

According to the Dallas Morning News, a Republican lawmaker is preparing to introduce a piece of legislation that would appoint legal representation for fetuses in future disputes over whether pregnant women should remain hooked up to life support. State Rep. Matt Krause (R) believes that will allow a judge to hear both sides of the issue before making a decision about what to do.

You’ll hear what the family wants, and you’ll also give the pre-born child a chance to have a voice in court at that same time,” Krause told the Dallas Morning News.

This isn't a lawyer for the hypothetical pregnant woman or even the woman's family, it's a lawyer for the fetus alone.