More bipartisanship porn. This time from the White House.

Despite confronting near absolute opposition from the Republican side of the aisle on health care, President Obama and Senate Democrats stressed during a lunch on Tuesday that reform still needed to be done in a bipartisan fashion, a White House aide said. [...]

"I think there was just really a sense about the importance of making progress and getting a bill done," the aide, who was in attendance, said. "And that they are committed to working with Republicans to do it. The president believes that that is important."

I really hope this is part of some sort of broader political strategy wherein the White House eventually scams and embarrasses the Republicans. Otherwise, the bill is going to be further watered down and crapped up in this effort to include the GOP, only for the Republicans to vote against it anyway. This happened with the recovery bill and it will surely happen with healthcare. Don't these people ever learn? Ignore. All. Republicans.

Seriously, Mr. President? WTF?