Drones Racism

Sirota Scoots Farther Out on His White Privilege Limb

Earlier in the week, Salon’s David Sirota pissed off all thinking people by comparing President Obama to George Zimmerman and therefore Trayvon Martin with terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki. It must’ve been really good for traffic because he wrote an all new post about it, this time drawing Eric Holder and the NAACP into his mishmosh of ridiculous, racially insensitive false equivalences.

Yes, really. He totally brought Holder AND the NAACP into the proceedings. Because the ice beneath his feet wasn’t quite thin enough, apparently.

This time, Sirota quoted a speech Eric Holder delivered to the NAACP about Stand Your Ground laws and too-cleverly pretended as if Holder was talking about drone strikes. Get it? Har-har.

Yeah, Sirota is still drawing a 1:1 comparison between these two very different things. He totally fails to understand how it makes him look like the ultimate poster boy for white privilege, and he’s utterly clueless about how the rules and conduct of war are very different from vigilante gun violence against innocent (too often African American) victims like Darius Simmons or Trayvon Martin.

But none of that matters when the traffic is piled high. Mission accomplished, Sirota.