Donald Trump

Snowflake Trump Leaves NATO Summit Early

Written by SK Ashby

Trump was suppose to hold a press conference at the NATO summit in London today, but Trump has canceled his scheduled appearance and will depart for Washington early because that infamously-mean bully to the north, Justin Trudeau, hurt Trump's delicate feelings.

The Canadian prime minister was caught on camera with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others, laughing about the fact that Trump routinely makes his own staff want to kill themselves.

Trump responded to Trudeau this morning by calling him "two-faced" and then laughing at his own joke.

“He’s two-faced,” Trump said, before adding, “I find him to be a very nice guy but the truth is I called him out on the fact that he’s not paying 2% and I guess he’s not very happy about it.” Trump has long griped about NATO members paying less than their “fair share” toward the alliance, and brought up the issue repeatedly over the two-day anniversary meeting this week.

In an audio clip later published by reporters covering the NATO event, Trump appeared to compliment himself for his harsh words toward Trudeau. “That was funny when I said the guy’s two-faced,” Trump is heard saying.

For his part, Trudeau says he was referring to Trump's abrupt announcement that next year's G7 summit will be held at Camp David rather than his Doral resort in Florida, but it doesn't really matter.

Trump can't handle people laughing at him for any reason. You know, because he's a tough, street-fightin', hard-deal-makin' negotiator who scares the world into submission, or whatever.

What Trudeau and other leaders were laughing about is virtually nothing. I'm sure they're far more candid about their opinion of Trump in private.

The most remarkable thing about all of this to me is that Trump somehow manages to make Boris Johnson look like a statesmen in comparison.