So I was wrong, but in a good way

Obama didn't just barely beat Clinton. He won by the proverbial landslide: 59 to 41, with 79% reporting.

And as dansolomon clued me in on the comments below the comments below we should expect a win for Obama in Americans Abroad as well.

As Bob points out below, Patty Solis Doyle was purportedly canned because of a lack of ground coordination of the Clinton campaign's message. This is kind of shocking to me - I think the message ("experience, day one work start, roll up my sleeves") has been crystal clear to anyone with a tv, the internet and half a brain. I think the bigger issue that the Clinton campaign is reluctant to admit is that it's kind of a crappy message. I mean, are we to believe that any of these candidates got to where they are without working hard, and without a fair amount of experience? The problem isn't the message isn't being heard. The problem is the message isn't being valued.

Final point: we can only hope Bush continues to "critique" Obama in his loud and whiney voice as often as possible. It only makes the contrast that much more obvious. Come on Republicans, this is your shot at redemption: vote Obama!