Election 2012

Solid Swing State Numbers for the President

NBC/WSJ/Marist poll results via TPM:

Florida: Obama 48, Romney 47
Ohio: Obama 51, Romney 45
Virginia: Romney 48, Obama 47

Josh Marshall notes that these polls were taken Sunday through Tuesday. Given the horrifying First Debate News Cycle, these aren't bad. And with several weeks and several debates to go, these numbers could easily shift more strongly into the president's column.

Josh adds: "If Obama’s lead holds up in Ohio, he remains in the driver’s seat nationwide."

Meanwhile, yesterday's Gallup daily tracking poll showed the candidates tied 48-48, with Romney losing a point and the president gaining a point among likely voters. The Gallup registered voters spread was stronger for the president, 50-45, with the president holding a considerably strong 53 percent approval rating.

So, you know, don't panic.