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Some GOP idiocy in the morning

[UPDATED WITH PRECISE QUOTE] Tara Setmayer, a Republican strategist and fellow with the Coalition of Urban Renewal and Education, on CNN "This Morning":

"Donald Rumsfeld has been an excellent Secretary of Defense. Now notwithstanding there have been some miscalculations for the post-war effort in Iraq, but for the most part the morale of the troops, the troops on the ground love him."

Regarding the DNC chairman post:

"Well, if character and integrity were any measure then I guess no one would have been around in the Clinton administration, including Clinton. But anyway as the Democrats, you know, it's funny. Of course I'm going to still gloat in our victory -- they need to pick someone like Michael Moore -- how about that? Or George Sorros. I'd love to see those people. Or Alec Baldwin run the Democratic National Committee. We'll win elections for the next 20 years."