Something Obvious

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Joel Pett)

In other news, chairman Paul Parilla, vice chairman Jay Binder, and treasurer Bitsy Kelley of USA Gymnastics all resigned today over the Larry Nassar scandal.

Meanwhile, Axios reports that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has literally been falling asleep during meetings. More importantly, he's reportedly been taken out of the loop on all trade decisions. I'm going to say that's bad, because trade rep. Robert Lighthizer is a nutcase.

Finally, Las Vegas festival shooter Stephen Paddock bought 55 guns(!) in a single year leading up to the shooting according to Vegas police. Authorities also found child pornography on his computer.

I'd still like to know how a guy carries 23 guns and 5,100 rounds of ammunition into a hotel room without anyone noticing.