Senator Barack Obama

Something For Intoxination

Photo Marc R. Peters

Some news for fellow cycling fan Intoxination... This is from nearly a month ago and I totally missed it. There's no way of knowing whether Senator Obama is a fan of the classic Indiana-based cycling movie Breaking Away, but the Senator made a stop in Bloomington to watch the Little 500 cycling race (featured in the climax of the movie) at Indiana University's Bill Armstrong stadium last month:

INDYSTAR.COM -- Obama made no public remarks, but made a circuit of the cinder track, garnering screams of delight every time he waved his hands and also collecting loads of T-shirts from the bike teams.

He stood between the first and third turns of the track to watch the start of the race, singing along to the Star-Spangled Banner, holding his hand over his heart, and also bowing his head in prayer during the invocation.

And in case you haven't seen Breaking Away: