Sorry, Bush apologists, but Katrina IS about politics.

If we're to arrest global warming, it has to be done through political action.

Which is why we first have to understand how political action led to Katrina.

Here's Ross Gelbspan again:

Even if we all sat in the dark and rode bicycles, it would not stop global warming, especially given the reliance on coal in India and China and on oil in Mexico and Nigeria and the developing countries. We need to take the lead in spearheading a rapid transition to clean energy. That will happen only through political pressure, and hopefully through pressure on the United States from a lot of the European countries that are already moving in that direction. I would just make a short plug. In my book, Boiling Point, that will be out in paperback next month, the last chapter deals with a set of policy strategies that would propel this kind of transition. This is not a technology issue. We have all these renewable sources right now. It’s really a political issue. And so, I would urge people to take political action to force this kind of change.

For more informed comment from Gelbspan, an expert on global warming, check out his website, www.theheatisonline.org.