Starved by the Bell

Jon Stewart clowns Eric Bolling and Fox News over school lunch nutrition guideline outrage. "Because freedom!"

In case you weren't aware, Eric Bolling is an idiot. And you can't use food stamps at McDonalds or any other restaurant for that matter.

If you want to know what it's really like to be on food stamps, observe the challenge recently undertaken by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton to live on food stamps for one week.

OK- ran out the door today with no time to scramble eggs or even make a sandwich. So I’m surviving on an apple and handful of peanuts, and the coffee I took to the office until dinner. I’m tired, and it’s hard to focus. I can’t go buy a sandwich because that would be cheating- even the dollar menu at Taco Bell is cheating. You can’t use SNAP benefits at any restaurants, fast food or otherwise. I’m facing a long, hungry day and an even longer night getting dinner on the table, which requires making EVERYTHING from scratch on this budget. It’s only for a week, so I’ve got a decent attitude. If I were doing this with no end in sight, I probably wouldn’t be so pleasant.

He's so privileged to be living on the government dole. The poor have it so easy.