State Sponsored Rape in Alabama

Alabama -- shocker -- is picking up where Virginia left off.

WASHINGTON -- Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) said Sunday morning that he has just learned about the transvaginal ultrasound bill pending in the state legislature and has not studied it.

The Alabama Senate is slated to start debating the controversial legislation as early as Tuesday after the bill passed the health committee last week. The bill -- similar to one just amended in the Virginia legislature -- requires women to undergo an ultrasound prior to receiving an abortion. It says either an external or transvaginal ultrasound would need to be performed, and that women would not have a decision as to which procedure would be used. Transvaginal ultrasounds are needed to detect an embryo in the earliest weeks of pregnancy. [...]

"I just read about it this morning," Bentley told The Huffington Post after a meeting of the National Governors Association Health and Human Services Committee in Washington on Sunday.

Way to stay on top of things, Gov. No word on whether Dueling Banjos will be played during this awfulness.