Elections Racism

State Supreme Court Says NO to Chris McDaniel

via TPM

McDaniel demanded “access to and full examination of all the original election materials,” including poll books.

The Mississippi Attorney General and Harrison County Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker argued that a candidate’s right to review election records does not include poll books.

Judge Josiah Coleman wrote in the court’s opinion that the clerk did not need to include poll books in election boxes for candidate review.


McDaniel has more or less been handed his hat, because if he doesn’t have access to poll books he can’t make a substantive case that the election results were illegally influenced by invalid black voters who committed some form of voter fraud.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the McDaniel campaign won’t file another lawsuit anyway, but this is going nowhere.

Even if McDaniel’s bounty reward program for uncovering black voters turns up a few names, it won’t be enough.

But, you know, let’s not discourage anyone. You’re doing great! The Republican party hasn’t had enough bad press yet.