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Stephen Moore: ‘Moral Monday’ Rallies Are All About Money

Good God, man. Leave it to Spazzy-dweebo Stephen Moore, the Republican columnist version of Matthew Lesko for corporate welfare to kick the poor and knock the people who are turning out for these ‘Moral Monday’ rallies in North Carolina down a peg in his overachieving pursuit of punishing pro-growth authoritarianism across the country

Warning that these ‘Moral Monday’ rallies, or “Moron Mondays,” as Moore seems to giggle with delight in repeating– may be coming to a city near you!– he writes about his conversation with Rev. William Barber II, leader of the N.C. NAACP(Moore: “Think Jesse Jackson, but with charm and genuine conviction”), and reports back to the dripping mops of conservative thought:

After a near-five minute sermon about how Republicans have made the state a “crucible of extremism and injustice,” it became clear the answer to my question is he and his followers are mad as hell about, well . . . everything. The list of grievances is long but includes unemployment-insurance cuts that took some 70,000 recipients in the state off the rolls, state lawmakers’ refusal to sign up for ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, a proposed voter-ID law, and of course “tax cuts for the rich.”

In mocking disenfranchised people, Stephen Moore dismisses their long and specific list of genuine grievances as nothing more than a protest against tax-cutting conservatism.

He notes that Rev. Barber “makes a strong case that some of the ballot-access changes Republicans are promoting appear motivated to suppress minority and Democratic turnout.” But in the very next sentence calls the proposed voter ID law “a sensible and popular anti-fraud measure.”

He goes on to quote Republican strategist Marc Rotterman who informs Moore:

“There is a potentially fatal flaw to the whole “Moral Monday” strategy: “The core problem is the protesters are denouncing policies like tax cuts and welfare reforms that may be unpopular with the New York Times, but are very popular with mainstream North Carolinians.”

According to Stephen Moore, economic cruelty and right wing religious fanaticism are very popular and mainstream, and we’re all just a bunch of disorganized minorities looking for handouts.

Republicans seem to take pleasure in laughing off the screams and pleas of their fellow Americans, and I can’t think of a worse fate than seeing Stephen Moore’s uncontrollable shoulder laugh as you starve because the state has to make room in the budget for a surplus of vaginal wands.