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Steve Bannon Dropped From the National Security Council, For Reasons

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Chief strategist and sentient pile of cigarette butts Steve Bannon was dropped from the National Security Council this morning for an amazingly dubious reason.

Even if you buy this spin at face value, it implicates the entire White House.

A White House official said that Bannon was placed on the committee in part to monitor Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and never attended a meeting. He’s no longer needed with McMaster in charge of the council, the official said.

If it's true, as the White House says, that Bannon was placed on the council to "monitor" Flynn, why the hell was Flynn appointed in the first place? Why was Flynn appointed to the most senior national security post in the country and granted the highest level of security clearance if they suspected he was dirty or simply needed to be watched.


It would be reasonable to assume this isn't the real reason Bannon was dropped from the council because the Trump White House almost never tells the truth, but if it's not true it's an awfully bizarre way to spin the situation. It would be admission that Trump knew Flynn was unreliable or compromised.

If this is spin, how bad must the truth be?

  • Tony Lavely

    I’ll feel better about this when we see where Bannon resurfaces. Too much love between him and the Whatever He Is to think it’s an actual, you know, falling out.

    Has it been four years yet?

    • ninjaf

      It only feels like 4 years, unfortunately.

  • Draxiar

    As petty as trump is it wouldn’t surprise me in any way if Flynn was appointed only because he was fired by President Obama.

  • muselet

    Steve Bannon was placed on the National Security Council because Turmp wanted a loyalist in the room. He may have been dropped because his presence was an irritant to the actual professionals or possibly because nobody else could stand the smell of the previous night’s Night Train Express. The White House’s spin is unconvincing at best, but they clearly think it’s better than coming right out and saying there’s been a reshuffle of responsibilities only ten weeks into the administration.

    The secretary of energy, the Central Intelligence Agency director and the United Nations ambassador also were added to the principals committee under Wednesday’s revisions.

    Holy moly. Rick “Goodhair” Perry and Nikki Haley are now on the principals committee. That lowers the mean IQ in the room by 10 or 15 points.

    I’m tired of this nightmare. May I please wake up now?


  • Badgerite

    With Niki Haley making forceful statements at the UN condemning the gas attacks in Syria and blaming them on Assad, and President POS suddenly pretending to develop a conscience on the matter ( don’t make me laugh ) this could be the start of a reassertion of some professional people with experience within the government who have a less obsequious attitude toward Putin. And that would be a good thing. trump is an empty suit, after all. Someone else will be guiding/controlling him. We’ve always known that and that this will be a permanent feature of this regime. Count on it. At least that someone guiding him will be someone other than Steve Bannon. Or Michael Flynn. Or Roger Stone. And that can only be viewed as a hopeful sign for the country and for foreign policy. More, please. Not out of the woods. But better.

  • Badgerite

    John Aravosis posits that part of the deal for McMaster, the designated adult, to come on board as head of the NSC was Bannon’s eventual ouster and a return to the previous seating arrangements as to the CIA and Joint Chiefs of Staff at the NSC table. And that the waiting period was simply a face saving mechanism for Bannon and trump.

  • ninjaf

    According to the NYT, McMasters wanted him gone from the get go but slow played this so as to ruffle as few feathers as possible.

  • Aynwrong

    As I understand the role of National Security Advisor the job is at least in one part to act as a filter or editor of all Security related information that will be presented to the President. That means that he is looking at raw unprocessed information that not even the President himself would likely see and consider.

    And they handed this position to a man who they felt needed monitoring.

    Is this administration corrupt, incompetent or an Andy Kaufman prank? I can’t tell anymore.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Flynn was tRumpf’s personal choice, so the Whitehouse current lie makes no sense.
    Donald will probably be more comfortable with a family member in Bannon’s place as America becomes more and more third world every passing day.