Steve King Blows Dog-Whistle: Ferguson Residents All Appear to Be From the Same Continent

It’s actually more of a bullhorn than a small dog-whistle.

Iowa congressman Steve “Calves the Size of Cantaloupes” King (R) told Newsmax yesterday that racial profiling clearly isn’t a factor in Ferguson because they all look the same anyway.

via RightWingWatch

Rep. Steve King appeared on Newsmax TV yesterday, where host J.D. Hayworth asked him about the rising tensions in Ferguson, Missouri and the call by members of the Congressional Black Caucus for the Department of Justice to conduct an independent investigation because of concerns about a history of racial profiling by the local police department. [...]

“This idea of no racial profiling,” King said, “I’ve seen the video. It looks to me like you don’t need to bother with that particular factor because they all appear to be of a single origin, I should say, a continental origin might be the way to phrase that.”

Ha! Get it? They all look the same. How can you be profiling if they’re all the same? They all came from Africa. Steve King: Funny Guy.

Let’s take the Way-Back Machine to August 1st when House Republicans handed their immigration legislation over to King.

The Republican party is the Racist Party.