Steve King Crawls Out From Under His Bridge, Can’t Contain His Racism

Whether they come from Central America or Syria, Steve King has racist opinions about immigrants and refugees.

During his appearance on Newsmax TV yesterday, Iowa congressman and secret border control agent Steve King denounced the administration's plans to increase the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the country because, as you know, they're all "future terrorists."

KING: The President just appears to have no fear of the consequences of doing stupid things. [...] The tens of thousands of Syrians that are being brought into this country -- you’re not gonna get Syria fixed if you take the people out of there that need to be the ones doing that work to fix it and there’s no way to avoid through that network of getting ISIS members and terrorist and future terrorists brought into America. That’s like creating a hole and bringing people through it.

And this administration, if history is any guide, they didn't want us to know where the unaccompanied alien juveniles were going that they were expediting into America to all 50 states. They don't want us to know where these Syrian quasi-refugees are gonna be going.

Somehow he seems to believe that he can pour people into America here that we know are the sources of death and violence.

I can see why the administration wouldn't disclose where we house "alien juveniles" which I'm not sure is a reference to undocumented children or grey beings from another world.

In either case, pinpointing the exact location of every child would have been equivalent to painting a target over their heads for protesters and racists like Steve King; protesters and racists who, at the time, had already taken to the streets to shout and scream at buses full of small children.

With that said, locations that opened their doors to undocumented children weren't necessarily a big secret and neither are locations opening their doors for Syrian refugees.

Just because they haven't had a scarlet letter painted on their heads or had a list of their home addresses printed in the front page of the newspaper does not necessarily mean they are being sequestered for nefarious purposes.

If Steve King were in charge he may choose to publish the names and addresses of undocumented children and refugees, compromising their safety and the safety of those around them in the process, because he clearly doesn't care about their safety because he is a white supremacist.